Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences (BSCS)
Computer Science deals with the fundamental scientific laws and engineering principles, which govern the design, implementation, use and maintenance of computer systems. It is deeply rooted in mathematical algorithms and programming and refers to the processes of creating usable computer programs and applications and the theories behind those processes.

Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provides students with an in-depth education in the conceptual foundations of computer science and in complex software and hardware systems. It allows students to explore the connections between computer science and a variety of other disciplines in engineering and outside. Combined with a strong education in mathematics, sciences, and the liberal arts, it prepares students to be leaders in computer science practice, to create applications for other disciplines or research and to pursue an array of careers, advanced degrees or personal interests at the vanguard of technological innovation

An employee in this industry will likely be doing a lot of independent work applying complex algorithms and writing code. A computer scientist is involved in work ranging from mathematical and empirical studies of problem-solving procedures to research in advanced computing systems. The field covers the study of theoretical and applied principles of computer systems. Our graduates will be prepared for careers in Computer Science and IT, in areas such as software design and application architecture. Some of the possible job titles our graduates can expect to hold include: software engineer; software developer; Java Developer, programmer analyst, software development engineer, software tester, Apps Developer, network administrator; Web and mobile developer, Big Data Analysts, etc.