Flag of ADA University
The ADA University Flag consists of three stripes. These stripes extend vertically. Each stripe is one-third of the total area of the flag. From inside out, they alternate in colors of Blue, White and Red. In the center of the flag and inside the white stripe, the letters ADA are centrally placed on top of four lines. The letters are in red, while the four lines are in blue.
Blue means loyalty and communication. We are an intimate community upholding certain principles and values. Our loyalty to them has been rock solid. Our story is about citizenship, honor, integrity, truth, intellectual curiosity, diversity, change, respect, tolerance, perseverance, merits, collaboration and giving back. We live to create our own story in life. We communicate well this story and transmit our values among us and through years.

White means purity of honor. Clean, spotless and transparent. We pledge to honor and live by honor. White also stands for the purity of mind, clean of prejudices, and in search of knowledge, enlightenment and education.
Red symbolizes life, energy, vibrancy, rejuvenation, reinvention, and innovation. ADA University is a thriving location. In this volcano of ideas and initiatives, we encourage minds to explode.  We challenge static thoughts. We conquer the heights through continuous learning and restless innovation of selves.
The four lines of blue represent Four Pillars of ADA University: Global Leadership, Innovative Learning, Social Responsibility and Thriving Location. Standing tall on top of these four pillars, ADA University thrives and reinvents itself in perpetuity.