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Alish Ismayilov

Bachelor of Business Administration 2018

IESEG School of Management, Lille, France

Spring 2016 Semester


“We search... We discover...We learn.  This process goes on forever.  I always wanted to know about other countries: how people lived there, what made them laugh and many more other things.


The opportunity ADA University gave to me to become  an exchange student at IESEG School of Management has turned into the best time in my life. I visited 10 countries in Europe. I met  my best friend there- he is from Pakistan. I met lots of people from all over the world and we became as close as a family.


IESEG School of Management was my first choice for an exchange school, and I am happy to have made this decision. The quality of studies at IESEG School of Management was highly satisfying. The knowledge we received was very practical and applicable to real life. Initially, I was cautious to travel abroad on my own. But, on my way back, it was very hard to leave my friends behind. I strongly encourage all ADA students to apply for an International Exchange Program. And keep searching, discovering and learning.”

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