Certificate Programs

The strategic objective of Certificate Programs is to contribute to effective teaching and learning practices and to promote excellence in teaching through continuous professional development or  other certificate programs. Certificate Programs generate good networking opportunities with instructors/trainers, counterparts from other institutions, school administration and schoolteachers.

Certificate Programs are intended both for the career- starters and for experienced educators at tertiary and general education levels outside ADA University interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills, in maximizing their potential in a specific area of education.

ADA School of Education offers 3 types of needs-based training courses:

1. Open Enrollment Programs designed on specific topics of interest and open for educational practitioners and individuals involved in the field of education;

2. Customized Programs tailored to the specific training needs of a particular educational institution;

3. Prospective non-degree Certificate Programs open for current educators, school teachers, University and school administration, as well as those who are interested to pursue their graduate study.
Depending on the language skills of the target group, the courses are delivered in Azerbaijani and English.