Custom Programs
In addition to Open Enrollment Programs, we are also equipped to assist individual companies in meeting their employee training needs through design and delivery of Custom Programs.
Custom Programs are our partnership with a company. We design and offer them together with you and adjust the length of the programs to better accommodate your busy schedules. We modify the focus of the content to better address specific challenges and offer faculty and practitioners with substantial technical expertise in your field of business.
Whatever we do, we involve company management in designing these programs, and even enabling them to take part in the courses themselves. Custom Programs can be a highly efficient and cost effective way of training a large group of employees at the same time. 

Custom Process

                     Needs Assessment             Needs analysis, understanding of core business challenges, development of vision
​Program design and continued dialogue; A preliminary proposal is prepared for review
 ​Format, program duration, selection of faculty, communication with participants, program instructors develop the content and delivery methods to meet client's needs
  ​Ensuring professional execution, taking care of logistic and course materials. Interactive teaching methods,   presentations, case studies, group work and simulations
​Follow up and evaluation
​Follow up with a debriefing meeting to realize and visualize the next program stages. Our team and client measure the results and impact of the program