The program gave us life-changing inspiration, stretched our thoughts and provided a roadmap for even greater achievements. We applaud your professionalism, dedication and integrity.

Khumar Huseynova – Head of Training Division, Human Resources Department, Central Bank of Azerbaijan. 
Management Development Program

The program provided me the opportunity to reassess my capabilities and, consequently, reinforce my confidence in making presentations and building negotiations strategies with different stakeholders. What had made the course especially effective were the way and the teaching approach chosen, providing much of an academic background on setting high standards of communication and building solid culture of negotiation techniques when searching for solution and collaborating with counterparties. This coupled with the supporting atmosphere, excellent administrative support, modern approach and an outstandingly friendly attitude of the administrators. My first experience with ADA will surely be the begging of a long-term relationship.

Vafa Hasanova, Chief Risk Manager, Risk Management Department, Pasha Bank
Presentation Skills Program