Establishment of Centre of Excellence in EU studies

General description:

Center of Excellence in EU Studies has been established in ADA University in January 2013 as part of the agreement between the European Commission and the Government of Azerbaijan. The memorandum signed between the two parties in 2011 specified objectives of the project  “Support to civil service training capacities in Azerbaijan with a focus on EU affairs”. These are to increase the knowledge on EU matters of the civil servants and the other relevant actors, to facilitate the implementation of agreements and to help to deepen the relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and EU.
The higher education in Azerbaijan will be enriched with new EU related studies and students will be offered more education and training opportunities on EU institutions, decision making process, law, history and regulations. Sustainable capacity will be created to support research in EU matters, develop relations and exchange with different higher education institutions/centers of excellence in EU, as well as a facility will be created to promote EU values. The Center also aims to increase general awareness of the EU among the Azerbaijani population.


The mission of the project is to contribute to the real, short-term needs of the civil service and to the broader Azerbaijan society for EU related knowledge to be identified and addressed. 
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