FAQ ADA University Executive Education

General Questions
  • Who are instructors?
Our program instructors are professors from the School of Public and International Affairs and School of Business of ADA University and visiting professors from our partner institutions in Europe, USA and Asia, practitioners from government and the business sector, international organizations and think tanks. 
  • In what language are the courses taught?
We offer all our programs in English. To make the programs accessible to a broader audience, we provide simultaneous translation from English to Azerbaijani if required.
  • What is the actual class size?
Actual class size can vary according to the training topic. In general, classes do not exceed 15 or 25 participants depending on the topic.
  • What will I receive upon completion of my program?
You will receive a certificate of completion upon successful participation in the program signed by the instructor and Director of Executive Education.
  • What is included in the program fee?
The program fee includes tuition, course notebook and all other written materials, any assessments required for the course, breakfast, lunch and tea breaks, and simultaneous translation, if required.
  • Which payments methods are accepted?
All the payments to the Executive Education are done through bank transfer.
  • What are the alumni benefits?Is there any specidic dress code for participants?
  • A certificate of participation
  • 25 % discount for participation in all Corporate Programs
  • Access to ADA University library
  • Participation in ADA University events and public lectures
  • Is there any specidic dress code for participants?

Dress code for participants is business casual.

  • Where is ADA University Campus located?

ADA University campus is located at 11 Ahmadbey Aghaoglu Stree, Baku, Azerbaijan. It is located at the Dada Gorgud Park close to Ganjlik metro station.

  • Is there parking available inside the ADA University campus?

There is visitor parking just outside the ADA University Campus, all our participants can park at visitor parking area.

Corporate programs

  • Which topics do you offer to professionals in business sector?

To read more about offered corporate programs, please click here.

  • How do I apply to an open enrollment programs?

In order to apply for an open enrollment, you have to use our online application system. Currently, we do not provide any open enrollment programs. We will resume them in fall 2015.

  • How soon will I hear about my acceptance to a program?

After you apply to the programs, you will receive an e-mail of acceptance within one week.

  • Are the custom programs delivered at ADA University or in company’s premises?

All our trainings are delivered in the Campus of ADA University. ADA University Campus provides you the necessary learning environment that will give you the unique learning experience.

Advanced Foreign Service Program (AFSP)

  • Who may attend Advanced Foreign Service Program?

Advanced Foreign Service Program is designed for diplomats and other civil servants who work in the area of international affairs and state protocol.

  • What are the main fields of study in the AFSP?

The main fields of study in the AFSP are international politics, law and organizations, economic affairs, public diplomacy, consular affairs, leadership development and area studies.

  • Who teaches in AFSP?

AFSP instructors are comprised of two types of people, faculty and practitioners. The faculty and adjunct faculty of ADA University teach the content of the training course, and the practitioners talk about their experience in working in the area of Foreign Service and International Affairs. Our practitioners are invited from experienced MFA staff, diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan, and the Embassies of different countries in Azerbaijan.

  • What is the language of instruction?

The language of instruction is English.

Caspian Basin Studies Program

  • What is Caspian Basin Studies Program?

Caspian Basin Studies Program is a certificate program that offers a unique opportunity for foreign diplomats and civil servants to explore and study in-depths of the Caspian Basin region. The Caspian Basin Studies Program provides participants with knowledge about the region's diverse and rich history and culture, demographic makeup, ethnic and territorial conflicts, trade and economic affairs, and issues of geopolitics and regional security. 

  • Who may attend Caspian Basin Studies Program?

Caspian Basin Studies Program is designed for foreign diplomats and civil servants who are interested in Caspian Region. 

  • What are the main areas of study of the Caspian Basin Studies program?

The main areas of study are History and Culture, Economics and Development, Foreign Policy, Geopolitics, and Security, Politics and Society, Energy and Environment.

  • What is the language of instruction?
The language of instruction is English.