Graduate Degree Requirements

Graduation Requirements 

Students must complete at least 90 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better. 

At least 72 credit hours must be completed in residence at ADA University. 

The minimum graduation requirement of 90 credit hours must satisfy requirements of Core and Technical Electives. 

Major Requirements 

A major requires a minimum of 90 credit hours and consists of 2 components: Core and Technical Electives. 

Core requirements are for students who need to acquire fundamental understanding of subjects covered in their major before they proceed to advanced studies. Subjects include foundation, introductory and core courses in major. Core requires 72 credit hours. Capstone and/or Master Thesis are considered as part of the core requirements. 

All programs require 18 credit hours as Technical Electives offered to students who want to take courses in advanced topics towards their major. Graduate students take a total of 3 technical electives during their tenure at ADA University. 

Time Limits to Degree 

Graduate students in full-time programs are expected to complete all degree requirements in no more than two academic years after the date of the first enrollment in the degree program. 

Students may appeal to the Dean of their academic unit with a request for an extension to complete their degree within the period specified. The time to degree may be extended by the Dean. Those who receive an extension must take at least two (2) courses each semester. Such students will complete all degree requirements within three years after the date of the first enrollment in the degree program, which may include studying in summer terms as well. 

Approved separations and temporary leaves do not count toward the time limits to degree.