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Ilaha Zeynalli
Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs 2016
Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
Fall 2015 semester 

Before I left for the exchange program at Corvinus University of Budapest I had very little information on the city, university, and people of Hungary. I took time to do my homework.  When I arrived, the first thing that impressed me was the  stunning view of the Danube River that opens from campus.

Adapting  to the school system at Corvinus was easy, as it was very similar to ADA. Similarly,  there were plenty of student clubs and associations: I applied for a membership at International Diplomatic Student Association and was active at  Corvinus Debate Society.

One of the highlights of my life at Corvinus was participation at the University-wide Cooking Competition. There were participants from Ethiopia, Hungary, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Russia and other countries. I cooked quite a few Azeri delicacies for the competition, including “plov”, “qozlu halva”, “shakarchorak” and “lula”. The feedback was overwhelmingly  positive. You can’t imagine how thrilled I was hearing the name of Azerbaijan being announced as the winner if the Competition.

To my surprise, I did face some language difficulty in Hungary- English wasn’t enough. Luckily, local ADA alumni Lilioza Szilagyi was there to help me from the very first day of my exchange program in Budapest. Generally, I was fortunate to always be surrounded by very kind and hospitable people in Budapest. I also got a chance to explore many other cities, such as Vienna, Brussel, Bruges, and Gent.

I highly recommend international exchange program to all ADA students. Aside from studying abroad, it will develop  your personal skills and make your student life unforgettable!

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