International Students Photo Contest

During April/May 2014 Office of International Students hosted 1st  photo contest, during which all international students were encouraged to participate and to send their best photographs for chance to win gifts. The three categories were: 

1. My best memory/Experience in ADA University
2. My second home – Baku
3. Me and Azerbaijani friend(s)

Congratulations to all Participants and Winners!

2014 Winners

C1. My best memory/Experience in ADA University
1st place: Samuel Kinyanjui
2nd places: Ruta Beinoriute and Tatiana Sanina
3rd place: Tereza  Kotaskova

C2. My second home – Baku
1st place: Tatiana Sanina
2nd place: Ruta Beinoriute 
3rd place: Samuel Kinyanjui

C3. Me and Azerbaijani friend(s)
1st place: Ruta Beinoriute
2nd places:  Tatiana Sanina and Jasur Farzaliyev
3rd place: Samuel Kinyanjui

Bushra Zia, Noemi Rabbia, Farzin Farzad, Samuel Kinyanjui, Ruta Beinoriute, Tatiana Sanina, Tereza  Kotaskova and Jasur Farzaliyev.

         Rules and Guidelines