Master of Arts in Educational Management (MAEM)

The Master Degree in Educational Management is designed for change-oriented educators and individuals seeking leadership roles in schools, universities or education-related agencies and organizations.  Our mission is to attract ambitious learners with passions to lead, manage and mobilize high-performing organizations.  Graduates of the program will be prepared to progress to principal positions in K-12 schools or to management positions in higher education departments such as admissions, registrar, student services and many others.  Graduates will also be sought by non-governmental organizations or policy-related organizations that work with the education sector, including the Azerbaijan Ministry of Education.
The program is structured to accommodate both working and non-working adults.  Admitted students will join a cohort of motivated professionals for two years of continuous study. Students may enroll in a general track program or select a concentration in either K-12 education or higher education.   All programs engage students in campus and online courses, internships, research seminars and supports for English and English writing
Students gain knowledge and capabilities to:  
•    Understand oneself as a leader through self-awareness and reflection
•    Lead and manage organizational change
•    Create conditions for talent development and high performance
•    Support organizational learning and learning communities
•    Innovate through entrepreneurial thinking and action
•    Use inquiry and data for continuous improvement
•    Direct supervision and evaluation systems
•    Manage and allocate resources  
The MAEM enables new career opportunities and promotions for principals and teachers, for university employees and for individuals working with non-profit and other organizations.  Bachelor (BA) graduates of ADA University and other competitive programs will find the MAEM a challenging and inspiring pathway to education-related careers. 
Study at ADA University offers students active learning experiences in an intimate campus community of curious peers and outstanding faculty committed to excellence and innovation. It is committed to internationalizing students' experiences through student exchanges international study tours and courses taught by visiting international faculty.  A partnership between the School of Education and the College of Education at Michigan State University in the U.S. promotes student and faculty exchanges, collaborative research, professional development opportunities and cultural programs.
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