ADA University launches the initial phase of MyADA information system
in time for the new academic year.
On Monday, August 28 the ADA University launched MyADA, a much anticipated new information system that will enable student success by giving students a comprehensive view of their personal standing with a single sign-on. Developed through a collaborative and intensive year long effort with a group of experts from Ellucian, the leading global provider for higher education software, MyADA uses Banner program to build on student needs and expectations for an efficient and service-based interface. This easy-to-use and intuitively built system maintains a wide range of student data, including admission, financial aid, courses, grade information and provides fast record processing. It also makes information accessible for students and faculty through MyADA, at home, on campus and through mobile devices.
“This will make ADA stronger as a higher education institution, as this change was validated through a comprehensive analysis and research into the low functionality of the previous PowerCampus system. Out with tedious, complicated, prone to inaccuracies and in with dynamic, simplified and cutting edge,” said Rovshana Samadova, project leader for MyADA implementation.  She was a part of 55 member team from five countries, including international higher education consultants that started the development process in June, 2016. The technology was thoroughly customized to reflect and improve the University, internal and inter-school operations within ADA. 
The entire last week before going live was dedicated to a final checking and a testing of the system by a selected group of students, who gave green light to Banner and shut down of PowerCampus. “We will continue training and support after the launch until everyone at ADA community becomes fluent with the system,” Rovshana Samadova added: ”We understand that some hiccups in use may occur in the first weeks, but with the on-going feedback, we hope to adjust to the new environment in as little time as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as ADA takes another leap on its path as the most technologically advanced campus in the region.”
Helping more than five million students at 675 advanced institutions to navigate their way to graduation, Banner, Student Information System is one of two major technology enhancements ADA University committed itself to upgrade learning, teaching and creative inquiry experience. Blackboard Learning Management System is expected to rollout in Fall, 2018. In combination with Banner, these exciting cloud-based applications will dramatically increase faculty and student engagement into a collaborative learning process, promote wider participation and connect them with the information they need when they need it through mobile access.