Separation and Suspension from the University​

Voluntary Separation 

Students in good academic standing wishing to separate from the University the following semester must notify the Office of the Registrar and may do so at any time up to and inclusive of the last day of classes, provided their academic progress during the semester does not result in academic dismissal. 

• A student who is considering separating from the University should consult with the academic unit as soon as possible to determine whether there are other more viable alternatives. 
• A separation can be initiated by the student or a representative of the University. 
• Separations requested after the last day of instruction or by students on academic probation will only be approved by the academic unit if the student’s academic progress does not result in academic dismissal. 
• A separation from the University results in the loss of active student status. 
• Students who are eligible to enroll in courses for a semester, but who do not enroll, will be separated from the University. 

Following a separation, students in good academic standing can apply to the University admissions office for re-admission in the following year (excluding summer term) and regain active student status. Students who separate from the University without notifying the Office of the Registrar will not be considered for re-admission. Students who separate from the University and are subsequently readmitted, will not be readmitted again after they separate from the University a second time for any reason. 

Involuntary Non-Academic Suspension 

The University may suspend a student from the University for an interim period pending disciplinary or criminal proceedings or medical evaluation regarding behavior relevant to such proceedings. 

The interim suspension will be effective immediately without prior notice whenever there is evidence that the continued presence of the student at the University poses a substantial and immediate threat to him or herself, to others, or to the stability and continuance of normal University functions. Interim suspension excludes students from University premises and other privileges or activities.