"I mainly intend to achieve two different goals with trainings: catching up with the current best practices of the field and extending my professional network. Having attended some of the programs, I can affirm that both of my goals were perfectly accomplished during each particular program."

Adnan Akhundov, Implementation Director, Simbrella LLC
Business Etiquette and Protocol Program

"I have taken couple and I am simply impressed both by how well these courses are organized and how well they are delivered; classrooms are impeccable, instructors possess not only outstanding knowledge of the subject on hand but also with a practical background in the related field. I came back to my office as a firm believer that ADA University Executive Education is head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes down to educating managers, to broadening their vision, to empowering work force of the future".

Nazim Gasimzade, Chief of Information Technology Department, State Treasury Agency, Ministry of Finance
Project Management Program

Thanks to ADA University Executive Education, today we can receive high level education in Azerbaijan. We do not need to travel abroad for getting professional training. With Executive Education, our country prepares high-skilled specialists to compete for the challenging work that the new global economy requires.

Aliya Matkazina, Accounts Manager, Simbrella Baku LLC
Negotiation Skills Program