The Office of International Affairs is mandated as a hub among the stakeholders and departments in order to lead, coordinate, and systematize the individual and institutional efforts of internationalization of ADA University.
Main roles and responsibilities of the Office include, inter alia:
•  Coordinating, overseeing and keeping record of all international initiatives that entail the University or any of its units and departments;
•    Initiating partnerships with universities, institutions, and organizations around the world to make the University globally more visible;
•    Monitoring the implementation of the International Strategy;
•    Implementing and managing all the Exchange Programs (faculty, staff, and student) with partner institutions abroad;
•    Shaping, tracking, and keeping record of all the travel programs of faculty and staff;
•    Participation in internal meetings
Further Information, contact:
Dr. Rahman Shahhuseynli
Director, Office of International Affairs
ADA University
11 Ahmadbay Agha-Oglu Street Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1008
Tel: (+994 12) 437 32 35 ext: 290
Fax: (+994 12) 437 32 36
Mobile: (+994 51) 927 72 71