Scholarships in ADA University are designed to encourage outstanding academic performance and enforce the principles of Global Leadership and Responsible Citizenship. These principles are driven from the Four Pillars, which hold the foundations of our mission. At ADA University, we strongly believe that today's leaders are men and women who distinguish themselves with their integrity, ethics, outstanding performance and commitment to give back to society.

ADA University offers a number of scholarships to qualified incoming and enrolled students. All awards are competitive and based on merit and need. Our scholarships for local students cover tuition but each student is expected to cover their own living and personal expenses. If eligible, international students are also given an opportunity to be offered a full fellowship. For more information on ADA University's fellowships, please click here.

Merit-based scholarhsips for the incoming students

Undergraduate Programs

This scholarship is offered for the incoming undergraduate students for their outstanding academic performance prior to being enrolled at ADA University.

To be eligible, the applicant must score:

- 690-700 in the SSAC/TQDK entrance exams to receive a 100 percent tuition waiver for the first year of study;

- 660-689 in the SSAC/TQDK entrance exams to receive a 40 percent tuition waiver for the first semester of study;

- 640-659 in the SSAC/TQDK entrance exams to receive a 30 percent tuition waiver for the first semester of study;

- 620-639 in the SSAC/TQDK entrance exams to receive a 20 percent tuition waiver for the first semester of study.

Graduate Programs

For graduate students, each program sets aside a certain percentage of the tuition revenues (not to exceed 15% of the first semester tuition revenues) to award the incoming class with merit-based scholarships.

Distribution of the scholarships among the admitted students is done according to the following ranking, in a descending order until all funds are exhausted.

First, applicant must be admitted by the Admission Committee, then, must be rated at top 50 percent of the incoming class by the Financial Aid Committee. Top 50 percent is determined as per results of the interview scores.

Merit-based scholarships for returning students

This scholarship awards students for their outstanding academic performance at ADA University on a semster basis. 

To be eligible, students must maintain a full load coursework and accumulate:

- Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 to receive a 100 percent tuition waiver for the next semester of study;

- Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 - 3.99 a to receive a partial tuition waiver for the next semester of study;

Need-based scholarhsips

Eligibility criteria for need-based scholarships are determined by the Government of Azerbaijan. ADA University endorses this policy of the Government.