Advanced Foreign Service Program

As a young developing democracy, Azerbaijan faces an urgent need for strong people who can represent the country across the world. Azerbaijan has the world’s fast growing and reforming economy, the country is booming and human capacity needs to catch up. Today, the development of civil servants and Foreign Service officers is of utmost importance. Our Advanced Foreign Service Program (AFSP) helps meet that need, by providing officers with the specific training they need to meet the country’s requirements.

Entry, mid- and senior-level officers all benefit from the program’s curriculum, which allows them to choose their fields of study in developing their particular management and diplomatic leadership skills. They also benefit from learning crucial skills needed for interagency dialogue and collaboration.

To ensure maximum interaction and personalized attention, no class size exceeds 30 students at one time. Two-thirds of the AFSP class is composed of Foreign Service officers, while one-third attracts civil servants from other agencies of the Azerbaijani Government.

AFSP is designed for Foreign Service officers and other civil servants working in the area of international affairs. Civil servants get a unique chance to update their skills in the sphere of international relations and other fields of study that could come in handy in their profession. They get to communicate with distinguished professors and trainers from prestigious universities, international organizations and think tanks of Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East. They also benefit from the ADA University faculty and guest speakers from MFA and other the government agencies. 

The language of instruction in AFSP is English. Some public events are held in the Azerbaijani language. Participants receive an exceptional opportunity to enhance their skills of writing and speaking English.

AFSP holds two semesters per year, in the fall and spring. Enrollment starts two months prior to the start of a semester. Applicants should work in the field of international affairs and have an upper intermediate or advanced level of English language proficiency.

AFSP lasts for six months for entry-level civil servants. For the mid-career civil servants, AFSP offers three to four months, module-based program.

To complete AFSP, participants should meet all academic requirements of the program, as well as adhere to ADA University Honor Code. Class participation and attendance are two other key criteria to complete the program. Each enrolled participant should sign the Honor Code before the program starts.


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To download a flyer in pdf format, please click:  Advanced Foreign Service Program