To be eligible to enroll in ADA University's undergraduate programs, candidates should demonstrate a strong record of academic strengths and possess a proficiency in the English language.
Academic Strengths

Azerbaijani citizens who want to enroll at ADA University must take SSAC Bachelor Entrance Exam or submit SAT scores to SSAC.
The GPA of each semester will be combined at the end of the academic year to calculate a cumulative Grade Point Average”.
We assess international students by carefully reviewing their transcripts, statement of purpose and resume.
Language Proficiency
Both Azerbaijani citizens and international candidates must demonstrate a proficiency in the English language. They can demonstrate such proficiency by:
  • Taking ADA University's English Proficiency Exam (ADA-EPE) or
  • Providing ADA University with a TOEFL or IELTS scores
Students who score
  • 60 in ADA-EPE or
  • 75 in IBT TOEFL (537 paper-based) or
  • 6.0 in IELTS
get directly enrolled in the first year of the undergraduate program. If a candidate is in possession of a TOEFL or IELTS score, he/she does not need to take ADA University-EPE, but submit that score to the Admissions Office right after the admission by SSAC.
Students who take ADA University-EPE and score below 60 are placed in the English Preparatory Program.
Based on the exam scores, students are placed in one of the four levels: elementary, lower- intermediate, intermediate, and upper-intermediate:
  • Most students in the upper-intermediate level have previous knowledge of English. What they mainly lack is academic skills such as writing, analytical reading, and effective presentation.
  • Students in the intermediate level have had previous exposure to English but do not have enough experience to have a good command of written and spoken English.
  • Students in the lower-intermediate level have had English before but have forgotten the basics.
  • Elementary level students come into the program with little or no English.
The average number of study hours required to complete one level is 176 hours, which are covered primarily in 8-week courses over an academic year, i.e. two levels per semester, although at certain levels these hours are covered in longer (16-week) courses.
Students are assessed on each class (core and elective) at a certain level through attendance (10%), participation (15%), course assignments and weekly/biweekly achievement tests (50%), and final exams (25%).
To graduate from EPP and qualify for enrollment in the next phase of the undergraduate program, at the end of the EPP program, students must have completed all placed levels and have at least a cumulative 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). Each semester’s GPA is the total of 30% for Reading and Writing, 30% for Listening and Speaking, 30% for Language Use, and 10% for your Elective. The GPA of each semester will be combined at the end of the academic year to calculate a cumulative Grade Point Average”.
To learn more about our assessment, we highly encourage all interested candidates to participate in our Information Sessions. Click here to register to one of our events.
You can also visit the FAQ page to learn more about the undergraduate programs.