bd footer.jpegThe Baku Dialogues is a series of lectures and presentations on key world issues by leading world personalities, followed by direct “Davos-style” open discussions among relevant academics and other actors, on central world issues, for the purpose of academic examination and research.  Discussions are hosted  by ADA University. The events cover current issues in the fields of international and inter-cultural affairs, security, economic, energy, environmental and other principal world challenges.  Participants are well-known persons active on the issues under discussion, or scholars focused on these issues.  The subjects vary and cover a broad range of key world issues.
The objective of the Baku Dialogues is to make Baku known as a center for discussion, exchange of information, and research at a senior level, and as a meeting place for ideas, concepts and opinions on major world issues.  The Baku Dialogues are also intended to stimulate academic research on the subjects discussed, and to produce materials which will be useful to academic researchers around the world.   For these reasons, the Baku Dialogues will be reproduced in ADA Quarterly publication called “Baku Dialogues." 
Baku Dialogues - 1st Issue
Baku Dialogues - 2nd Issue