"Thank you very much for organising such useful trainings in ADA University. I have enjoyed all three courses and now I share it with colleagues in BEGOC as of the nature of my work is coaching and consulting.” 

Ilham Afandiyev, Manager, Operational Capability and Readiness Department
“The content of capability trainings was very relevant to my job in BEGOC.  They have stimulated my learning on project management and enhanced my soft skills. At the end of the first training I decided to apply to the EMBA programme at ADA University, as it is very distinct with its resources and new approach... “ 

Elvin Mammadov, Project Scheduler, Project Management Department                     
“ADA trainings are the inseparable part of my career that I recently started with BEGOC. I am strongly confident ADA trainings will play critical role in my involvement with BEGOC and beyond”.

Aida Samadli, Training Specialist, Games Workforce Department
“On my behalf I want to say big thanks to BEGOC and ADA for organising such useful courses. I am happy that I attended all three courses. The courses helped me to find friends from other departments and improved my team working skills as well. Big thanks to ADA family for organisation everything on high level. The atmosphere was very positive and people were very friendly while meeting us. I recommend to all my co-workers to attend these trainings!”

Fidan Baghirova, Accommodation-System and Finance Assistant, Accreditation Department

“I think attending these courses helps you to adapt to the fastest growing work environment that BEGOC has. It is also a great opportunity to practice your leadership skill, attitude through various challenging tasks and group works. The practicality of these courses motivates you to brainstorm with colleagues and come up with new approaches to situations that can be related to your daily work environment at BEGOC. Therefore, I believe these courses can also be beneficial in terms of meeting many of your professional goals”.

Hunar Ashrafzade, Manager, Transport Department