Student Clubs
ADA University strongly encourages its students to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Student Clubs at ADA University allow our students to engage in exciting projects that help to hone their academic skills and expose them to a world of complex and exciting global issues. They learn how to interact more effectively with each other and with professionals in a wide variety of fields. Below is a list of some of our clubs.

ACM Club

Chairperson: Altun Baratli

ACM Club is developing an official ACM Student Chapter at ADA University. 

ADA Outdoorsman Club

Chairperson: Goshar Gadimbayli

The Club promotes healthy lifestyle, nature loving and patriotism and organizes hiking trips to different regions of the country.


Chairperson: Sheyla Rzayeva

ADAMUN is the Model United Nations Club at ADA University, which organizes trainings and simulation games at the university and beyond.

Adventour Club

Chairperson: Punhan Mehdiyev

Adventour Club aims to organize local and foreign trips, but does not limit itself to trips only.

Artmedia Club

Chairperson: Turgut Alizade 

The purpose of Artmedia Student Club is to implement academic and social projects. 

Arts Club

Chairperson: Aytaj Ahmadova 

Arts Club’s events encompass visual arts, literary arts and performing arts like movies, theatre and music. 

Astronomy Club

Chairperson: Nijat Hamidov

Astronomy Club gathers all students interested in astronomy and organizes scholarly discussions, screenings of documentaries and trips for them.

Babat Club

Chairperson: Emin Sadikhov

Babat Club aims to help students to relax after stressful midterm and final exams by organizing local and foreign trips.

Bermud Club

Chairperson: Anar Soltanzada

Bermud Club organizes and realizes a great variety of events and projects including educational, entertaining, social etc.

Book Club

Chairperon: Asmar Rzayeva

Book Club is determined to develop reading culture among ADA students.

Buzz Club

Chairperson: Kamran Alizada

This Club aims to help students with their personal self-development through the means of arts and useful trainings.

Charity Club

Chairperson: Khadija Bayramli

Charity Club gives everyone an opportunity to make happy those who are in need. 

Chess Club

Chairperson: Khanlar Amiraslanli 

Chess Club at ADA University has a goal of enhancing students’ logical thinking, memory, concentration, imagination and creativity. 

Cinema Club

Chairperson: Elshad Samadzade

Cinema Club at ADA University aims at sharing and promoting ADA community cultural diversity through the screening of films of different nations. 

Cloud Nine Club

Chairperson: Sarkhan Gadirzade

Cloud Nine Club is focused on simple and interactive entertainment projects and plans to involve and attract talented people to its initiatives.

Comedy Club

Chairperson: Khalid Mammadli

Comedy Club aims to entertain and make everyone laugh by creating a joyful atmosphere at their comedy events.

Creality Club

Chairperson: Mahammad Mammadzada

This club plans to work on creative projects as well as to benefit students’ academic experience.

Cyclife Club

Chaiperson: Emil Guliyev

Cyclife Club establishes a cycling culture at ADA by giving information about the benefits of using a bicycle, organizing races and shows.


Chairperson: Chingiz Huseynzade 

DevClub is open to not only to those who want to be an IT expert, but also for those who want to be informed about up-to-date technologies and programming concept. 

English Conversation Club

Chairperson: Lala Shahbandayeva

English Conversation Club addresses the need of many students to improve their English speaking skills.

Explore and Experience Club

Chairperson: Ervin Mahmudov

This club plans to organize training programs, seminars, internships and special youth projects for ADA University students.

Green Club

Chairperson: Narmin Asgarova

The Green Club aims to raise awareness about environmental issues in the university and beyond to prevent pollution at the campus and other places. 

Health and Sports Club

Chairperson: Mikayil Mikayilli

Health and Sports Club aims to involve ADA Community into a more active life. 

History and Politics Club

Chairperson: Sanan Ahmadli

History and Politics Club wants to improve students’ knowledge about past and current historical and organize discussion on political issues.

Horizons Documentary Club

Chairperson: Azka Hamdhi

Through watching documentary movies and discussions with invited guests, the Horizons Documentary Club at ADA University aims to bring into our attention topics, which are not in the center of focus of mainstream media and school curriculums. 

Intellectual Games Club

Chairperson: Ilkin Umarov 

Intellectual Games Club aims to develop intellectual skills of ADA University students.  The club is organizing various intellectual games and competitions such as What?Where?When?, Jeopardy!, Khamsa, Brain Ring etc.

Intercultural Club

Chairperson: Sikander Vazeri 

The main goal of the Intercultural Club is to provide ADA University community with a space to exchange experiences and views on different cultures, which are coexisting at the University.

Math Club

Chairperson: Konul Gurbanli

The goal of the Math Club is to bring math-lovers together and to simultaneously increase the interest in mathematics among other students. 

Music Club

Chairperson: Kanan Azimov

Music Club aims to help all talented people to develop and improve their musical skills.

Next Club

Chairperson: Rza Naghiyev

This club focuses on diverse types of events ranging from academic to entertainment.

Olympiads Club

Chairperson: Valeh Farzaliyev

Olympiads Club at ADA gives students a unique chance to participate in local and international competitions and represent the university.  

Papillon Dance Club

Chairperson: Nargiz Allahverdiyeva

Papillon Dance Club organizes dance classes (both national and international) for all the willing students.

PM Club

Chairperson: Orkhan Askarli

This club aims to help students to improve their project management skills.

Techno Club

Chairperson: Ilkin Guluzada

Techno Club aims to organize educational trips and seminars related to IT and technology.

Toastmasters Club

Chairperson: Gulnar Dadasheva

The purpose of the Toastmasters club is to provide an environment where the     members of ADA community would be able to develop their communication and leadership skills. 

Unity Club

Chairperson: Hikmat Imanzada

Unity Club realizes both academic and entertainment projects.

Women, Enterprise and Society Club

Chairperson: Afifa Kangarli

The primary goals of the Women, Enterprise & Society Club are enhancement of women engagement in society and empowerment of them in both academic and social sphere.