Dede Gorgud Park

ADA University's campus fits within the design of the surrounding Dede Gorgud Park, which, in turn, opens the way to the dynamic center of the city of Baku itself. The design of Dede Gorgud Park tells the story of Azerbaijan: its evolution, history, culture, traditions and lifestyle, and its future. Stretching more than 35 thousand square meters, the park is divided into numerous zones with a monument to Dede Gorgud as its main centerpiece.

As a monument to Azerbaijan’s heritage and an important historical figure, Dede Gorgud Park offers a unique opportunity for transformation in Baku. The park has a monument to Dede Gorgud, which opens up to a beautiful lake surrounded by lush greens. Pathways lead to a botanical valley located in the backyard of our university. Here, our students will find a quiet corner to study, but also lively squares hosting domestic and international exhibits, performances and festivals throughout the year.

Our students will enjoy being surrounded by the park and its myriad of features. ADA University's campus is an academic village where students will live and learn together. The campus consists of five buildings: the Library, the Student Center, the School of Public and International Affairs, the School of Business and the Welcome Center.

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