Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, a student or a group of students must device an initiative which they then develop into a feasible project. A minimum of 3 students must participate in each team and no limitations on maximum number of participants.
  • The project must have a positive impact on ADA University, its immediate neighborhood and/or larger society;
  • Project must be planned and completed by the members of the team with their own resources and without funding support from ADA University;
  • Faculty and staff may join students and participate in teams. In such cases, they may not use their privileges to gain advantage for their team; neither can they sit on the Award Committee.

  • Each team has to submit necessary application documents as required in timelines and prepare (and conduct) complete presentation of the project performance and its impact.


Exemplary projects are:
  • Anti-smoking ADA Club – raising awareness about the consequences of smoking and assist people to quit it.
  • Horizons – screening thought-provoking documentary movies, covering global issue and raising debate.
  • Literature Majilis – promotion Azerbaijani language and literature along with its culture and music.
  • Down is not the end – giving Down Syndrome children a chance to communicate and get closet to society.
  • Green Club – promoting environmental issues and raising awareness of healthy lifestyles.
And there are many others! More than 30 ideas transferred into fruitful projects during 2013/2014 academic year and had enormous impact on ADA University and its neighborhood.

You can be part of it! Gather your friends together and organize social responsibility project! Join HZT Awards and change the country!