Executive  Master of Business Administration
ADA University's Executive MBA allows you to pursue a world-class business education in the dynamic city of Baku, Azerbaijan, while also maintaining your career progression. The program is designed for those executives who have a demanding job and busy schedule but have a desire to further their education and accelerate their career progress. This EMBA is a dual degree program—students completing the requirements for this degree earn a diploma from both the ADA University, and the Maastricht School of Management (MsM).
Our Executive MBA equips these executives with skills, tools and knowledge from the best known practices of organizations world wide.  But more than this, through the EMBA’s Action Learning methods, the participants apply these skills and tools to build their personal competencies for problem solving, managing teams, and leadership within organizations.  Our Students learn from our distinguished faculty who are both recognized scholars in their field, and also accomplished practitioners. Faculty from both ADA University and MsM provide the instruction, and share their experience from their international work, as well as their experience within the Azerbaijani business environment and the greater Caucasus region.
This program is internationally accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), an endorsement known as a global benchmark for the accreditation of graduate business degrees. The AMBA accreditation is recognized and respected throughout the world.
Degree Requirement
• A total of 70 ECTS credits equivalent to 500 lecture hours.
• Program is divided into three different segments: Functional Core, Integration, and Specialization, which includes Business Consultancy Project (BCP) as a degree completion project.
• Courses are taught through 8 ten-day modules that take place every 3 months. Attendance is mandatory. The exams take place at the beginning of each module. Two specializations are offered, International Business and Energy and Environment. No electives are offered.
Course Requirements
Functional Core (9 courses, 27 ECTS)
• FIN - Finance (3 ECTS)
• ACCT - Accounting for Managers (3 ECTS)
• ECON - Economics for Managers (3 ECTS)
• MGM - Global Corporate Strategy (3 ECTS)
• MKTG - Marketing in the Global Context (3 ECTS)
• MGM - Global Supply Chain Management (3 ECTS)
• BUS - Innovation and New Business Ventures (3 ECTS)
• COM - Leadership, Change and Organization (3 ECTS)
• MGM - Corporate Responsibility and Ethics (3 ECTS)
Integration (3 Courses, 20 ECTS)
• MGM - Managing Cultural Diversity (3 ECTS)
• BUS - Global Business Landscape Workshop (1 ECTS)
• BUS - Business Consultancy Project (16 ECTS)
Specialization (7 courses, 23 ECTS)
• STAT - Statistics (4 ECTS)
• RES - Research Methods (4 ECTS)
• FIN - Finance in International Markets (3 ECTS)
Energy and Environment
• ECON - Energy Economics (3 ECTS)
• ECON - Environmental Sustainability and Business (3 ECTS)
• LAW - Energy Law (3 ECTS)
• POL - Energy Security (3 ECTS)
International Business
• ECON Globalization and Economic Development (3 ECTS)
• BUS International Business Studies (3 ECTS)
• MKTG - Marketing and Service Management (3 ECTS)
• MGM - International Strategic Alliances (3 ECTS)       
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