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AygunHajiyeva.jpgWelcome message by Associate Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs, Executive Education 

Welcome to ADA University Executive Education website!  We appreciate your interest in our Executive Education and look forward to support you on your professional development. 

Our mission is clear - we educate people for successful business and government careers.  Today, we are the major training vehicle for both civil servants and business people in country.  Since 2007, ADA University Executive Education has been an important tool for government agencies and businesses to nurture junior, midcareer and top leadership talent.  It has been one of the main streams of activity at ADA University since the very beginning.  We have trained about 1092 civil servants from 20 government agencies, 1930 corporate people from 60 companies and 570 foreign civil servants including diplomats from 95 countries for last 10 years.

Our Executive Education Programs foster dialogue between government and business and provide excellent networking opportunity among all participants.  

Our program instructors are professors of School of Business, School of Public and International Affairs of ADA University and visiting professors from our partner institutions in Europe, USA and Asia, practitioners from government and corporate sector, international organizations and think tanks.  

The Executive Education is continually evolving to meet the growing needs of businesses and government by creating new tailor-made programs. Our goal is to meet our clients’ needs quickly, flexibly and effectively as possible.

I encourage you to learn more about how ADA University Executive Education can assist you in meeting your professional goals and reach success in your career. 

Ms. Aygun Hajiyeva 
Associate Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs, Executive Education

Open Enrollment and Customized Corporate Training Programs

Corporate Trainings

Annual Summer School held in partnership with SOCAR

Baku Summer Energy School

Caspian Basin Studies program is offered to foreign diplomats

Caspian Basin Studies

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