Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will students be staying in a house or in a flat/apartment?

Yes, students will be staying in shared apartments, and will be responsible for paying monthly bills shared with roommates. Shared apartments may be shared among three to four students depending on the number of rooms available in the apartment. Apartments are fully furnished with necessary equipment.

2. Could you please provide me with an invitation letter for visa to be submitted to the Embassy of Azerbaijan? Is it possible for you to send it to me by regular mail, not by e- mail?

Invitation letter will be sent to the Embassy through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, not directly to students. We will send you receipt, which you have to print and submit to the Embassy, in addition to other required documents needed for visa.

3. There is no Embassy of Republic of Azerbaijan in my country, how do I get visa to get in Azerbaijan?

If there is no Embassy of Azerbaijan in your country, you will be able to receive visa upon arrival at the Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport. We will issue invitation letter to the Consulate Department of MFA at the airport. Also we will provide you with Guarantee Letter, which will state that you will receive visa upon arrival.

Please, inform airline agency that you will get visa in Baku International Airport. Visa number will be issued in airport here.

4. I have already booked the ticket but the airline staff ask me for the visa to Azerbaijan, or else they will have me buy the round-trip ticket instead of a one-way ticket.

We would advise you to provide ADA University admission letter you have together with your Guarantee Letter, which will state that you will receive visa at Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport.

Usually in transit flights airline representatives ask for return ticket if you fly w/o visa. It is worth to have it in order to go through passport check up smoothly. When you buy return ticket, pay attention that it is flex, that you could change return date or ticket when it is needed.

Also, we strongly encourage you to get your boarding pass as a first thing to do right upon arrival in transit flight. This will help you to save time if there will be any issues with boarding.

5. In my case I would be acquiring visa at Baku airport. Can you please inform me of the range of visa fee charges, since it differs by country, so it can help prepare my budget.

You can find information about visa and visa fees at the following link:

6. If we extend our visa for some period of time (One Year), how much will be the cost?

Your entry visa will be valid within first 30 days, so as soon as you arrive we will help you to apply for temporary resident permit. The permit card is issued by the Migration office for duration of one year or six months and renewable annually depending on the duration of your study. The card will aid your smooth travels to and from Azerbaijan within its validity period.

7. Do I have to have health insurance from my country or to obtain one in Baku? And If yes, how much will be cost?

It is not required that each student gets health insurance, but it is recommended. Insurance packages are varied and depend on offered proposals. Students can get emergency package, which is a bit cheaper. We have public and private medical centers, but private are better equipped. Visiting a doctor here costs 20-40 AZN, and if you need to buy medicine or go through tests it will cost more.  We would highly recommend that you visit your doctor in your country to check any health issues. Visiting your dentist in your home country is also recommended, it is expensive here.  You can also bring some medications or painkillers you may need as first aid.

8. Does one require to undergo a medical exam and if so, in which areas?

No, you don't need to bring any medical reports from your country.

However, medical check-up is mandatory upon arrival to the university as it is a requirement for the issuance of Temporary Resident Permit. The check-up includes HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Therapist and Neurologist conclusions from approved hospital. The process may cost between 75-100Azn.

NB: Medical reports brought from your home country will not be accepted for this purpose.

9. Notarization/translation of your diploma and transcripts to be done in Baku. Can you explain further because I was asked to do that in my country before reporting to ADA University.  Am I going to do another in Azerbaijan as stated in the document?

Translation and notarization of translation of diploma and transcripts into Azerbaijani have to be done in Baku, as this is a requirement of our Ministry of Education, for the nostrification.

However, you have to do procedures required by Admission Office regarding legalization of documents, this is different and has to be done in your country, and you need to bring original apostilled or legalized diploma and transcripts translated into English and notary certified, from your country.

10. Will someone meet me at the airport?

Yes, we will arrange airport pick up for students (who don’t have relatives in Baku) according to the arrival information provided in your ticket. To enjoy this service, we advise you stick to your schedule or alert us as soon as possible with new dates, if you make changes for your arrival.

11. Is the Orientation Program compulsory?

Orientation is compulsory for all international students and you will need to make sure you arrive to Azerbaijan early enough to attend. During orientation program you will find out important information about your stay and studies in ADA University.

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