Dr.Farhad Huseynov

Dr.Farhad Huseynov

Dr. Farhad Huseynov
Associate Professor, Economics
Email: fhusseinov@ada.edu.az

Areas of interest: Economic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Game-theoretic equilibria and applications of game-theoretic solution concepts in economics.

Dr. Farhad Huseynov has B.S. and M.S. degrees from Baku State University. He did his Ph.D. at Moscow State University and Baku State University.

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Professional experience:
9/94 - Present Assoc. Prof. Bilkent University, Dept. of Econ.
1/92 - 8/94 Professor, Middle East Technical University, Dept. of Math.
6/91 - 7/93 Professor, Head, Baku State University, Dept. of Applied Math.
9/87 - 6/91 Assoc. Prof. Baku State University, Dept. of Applied Math.
3/82 - 9/87 Senior researcher, Institute of Cybernetics, Acad. Sci. Azerbaijan
3/80 - 3/82 Visiting Senior Researcher, Moscow State University, Dept Mech.-Math.
11/78 - 3/80 Senior researcher, Institute of Cybernetics, Acad. Sci. Azerbaijan
1/75 - 11/78 Assistant Researcher Institute of Cybernetics, Acad. Sci. Azerbaijan
8/70-12/71 Junior Researcher, Institute of Cybernetics, Acad. Sci. Azerbaijan