Giving To ADA University

Our Alumni stay closely connected to our mission to cultivate innovative leaders with a global perspective while bringing a new mentality to Azerbaijan and the surrounding region. Alumni financial donations are helping us fulfill our commitment to excellence, innovation, and educating the next generation of global leaders. Every year Alumni come together and decide on which ways ADA University needs to spend the money. It can be in a form of supporting some student, or some project or covering some other essential needs. 

How to give to ADA
    Make a gift to ADA through online form
  • GIVE via WIRE transfer
    In order to make a gift via wire transfer please use the following bank details:
    Bankın adı: Paşabank ASC
    Kodu: 505141
    VÖEN: 1700767721
    Müxbir hesab: AZ82NABZ01350100000000071944
    Azərbaycan Diplomatik Akademiyası Fondu
    Hesab № 10029990
    VOEN 1700805361
Please include whom the gift is from and the purpose of the gift.