Application Requirements for Azerbaijani citizens
SAT ilə sənəd verənlər üçün qəbul prosesini buradan oxuyun.

Citizens of Azerbaijan interested in our undergraduate programs can apply to ADA University by using the results of the State Examination Center exams or SAT exams. 

Applying with State Examination Center (SEC) exam results

Eligibility requirements

Below minimum scores are applied for the relevant groups:
  • Group I: minimum score 300
  • Group II: minimum score 400
  • Group III: minimum score 400

Submission of Documents
  • Online Application Form
  • Attachments to Online Application:
                 - High School Transcript (9th, 10th, and 11th grades) or Attestat
                 - National ID/Passport
  • Test Scores:
                 - IELTS Academic or IBT* (not required)
                 - SEC scores

* Admitted students who do not have the relevant English language score will be placed in English Preparatory Program.  

The candidates should apply to relevant groups determined by SEC when they register. Currently, ADA University is accepting students from Group I, II and III.  The registration and admission of students applying with SEC exam results is done by SEC.

Applying with SAT exam results

Admission requirements

SAT Requirement:

  • Minimum 1200 in SAT I;
  • Minimum 600 out of 800 in the SAT I Mathematics section required for those applying to Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration and Economics;

English Requirement:

  • Minimum 6 in IELTS Academic or 75 in IBT;

In the cases below English requirement is waived (relevant supporting documents must be submitted):

  • Successful completion of Upper Intermediate level of ADA University’s EAP Program
  • Minimum 2 years of high school education in English in a country where official language is English

Azerbaijani language Requirement (below requirements are set by SEC):

  • If applicant has graduated from high school in a language other than Azerbaijani, he/she must pass the Azerbaijani language exam by the State Examination Centre (SEC).
  • If applicant has graduated from high school in Azerbaijani language, he/she must pass the high school leaving exam’s (Attestat exam) Azerbaijani language section with a satisfactory grade.

Application Process

Step 1

Submission of Documents

  • Online Application Form;
  • Attachments to Online Application:
                 - High School Transcript (9th, 10th, and 11th grades) or Attestat
                 - National ID/Passport

Step 2

Submission of Test Results

  • ELTS Academic 6.0 or IBT 75;
   - Official test scores must be uploaded to online application and submitted directly to ADA University by the test center. The               TOEFL code for ADA is 2093. 
  • SAT Scores;
   - Scores must be sent electronically by College Board to two recipients:
          • ADA University: 7799
          • State Examination Center: 7876
                - Scores must be printed and submitted to the State Examination Center

Step 3

Evaluative interview by ADA University Interview Committee. The interview’s purpose is to evaluate candidate’s English and Math skills based on the topics covered by SAT exam. Interview is conducted in person only. 

The final admission decision is made based on the SAT scores and the interview results.