Research and Publications

Research at ADA University tackles real-world issues affecting Azerbaijan, the surrounding region and the world. The majority of research topics, either initiated by our faculty or sponsored by the university, focus on issues directly related to Azerbaijan, including institution building and the strategic significance of Azerbaijan in global politics and trade.

Our research objectives are the following:
  • research and understand the importance of Azerbaijan in a regional and global context
  • identify and study issues of strategic importance and direct policy application
  • disseminate gained knowledge through publications and outreach activities
  • build a favorable research climate at ADA University
  • enhance capacity of our faculty and their international reputation
  • establish dynamic academic collaboration between ADA University and partner schools
  • produce knowledge and courses related to ADA University curricula
At ADA University, research and teaching come hand in hand. Our Faculty enjoys a generous funding of their research, allowances to participate and present at international conferences, as well as access to the library resources of their choice.