General Education 

Mission statement
General Education Program serves primarily undergraduate students by encouraging and training them to think, write, and speak critically and search for truth through rational analysis and informed investigation. The goal of the program is to provide students with an appreciation of the broad extent of human knowledge by offering courses in the areas of Humanities, Arts and Culture, Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning, Foreign Languages, and Writing and Leadership. Coupled with intercultural exchange among students from a wide variety of countries, this program enables them to become well-rounded and responsible world citizens who make wise choices as future leaders.
General Objectives of the Program:
• to offer a unique cultural environment where diversity, teamwork, initiative, critical reasoning, and analytical thinking are encouraged and developed;
• to cultivate a well-rounded person through a carefully designed breadth of knowledge;
• to foster quantitative skills and thinking;
• to equip with the English language proficiency sufficient enough to achieve the expected output;
• to enhance strong writing skills;
• to provide good command of foreign languages;
• to insure the grasp of regional issues and expand a global perspective;
• to encourage self-exploration and self- discovery;
• to foster a strong sense of citizenship.