Success Stories

From Vienna to Buenos Aires, from Brussels to Rome and from Washington D.C. to Moscow, students of ADA University develop a hands-on working experience in their respective areas. Interns not only gain practical skills in a field in which they intend to pursue, but also are able to build experience and have the opportunity to network.

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Our students have been welcomed as interns and participants in numerous high-level meetings at the White House, the European Commission, the European Parliament, NATO and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. They took part in different multilateral and bilateral meetings, platforms, and briefings at international organizations, embassies and research centers along with being involved in daily diplomatic issues. Our interns have worked also at foreign embassies in Baku and Azerbaijani diplomatic missions like in Prague, Berlin, Paris, Teheran, Rome, Washington DC and New York. 

Experience of ADA University students goes beyond scales of public sector, as they also successfully intern with major local and multinational corporations and business entities both in Baku and abroad. 

Students of ADA University are the prominent ambassadors for our successful internship program. Read their thoughts below about what their experiences were while participating in the summer internship program 2014.

Nazrin Bakhishaliyeva, MADIA 2015 Student, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Italy

"My summer internship at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Italy gave me a truly valuable experience of how the embassy functions and enhanced my understanding of how Azerbaijan's foreign policy is created and implemented. It was a wonderful chance to work alongside and learn from the diplomats working in the Embassy, for which I am grateful to the ADA University". 

Aytan Zeynalli, MPP 2015 Student, Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan

“Internship is invaluable experience, you face  work realities –  new environment, adaptation, time management , different people, problems  …. and then all these help you to  develop yourself professionally as well as personally". 

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Aytan Suleymanova, MADIA 2015 Student, Nobel Oil, Baku office

“There is a considerable difference between an idea of career path during academic study and experiencing it in reality. Internship is very important in terms of acquainting yourself with a field. Therefore, I consider my summer internship beneficial and fruitful. I had a chance to work in a real and dynamic work environment as a full-time employee of the company.” 

Tereza Kotaskova, MADIA 2014 Student, Intern at the Czech Republic Embassy in Baku
"Every student of diplomacy and international relations knows that the work is in practice much different from what you can learn at school. Thanks to my internship I could understand these differences as well as to utilize the knowledge from school. Having a chance to observe the daily life of an embassy and getting useful feedback helped me to improve my skills and better realize my own priorities." 

Tural Salimov, MPP 2015 Student, AMCHAM

“I worked in AMCHAM - American Chamber of Commerce - an International NGO creating network between local and international businesses and local government entities. I was a Public Relations intern and was promoting AMCHAM in media. Also did couple organization job in luncheons for business people. As an MPP student who has double profile (civil service or public sector) this is a good opportunity to meet businessmen from different industries, create network and gain a chance to acquire a job after graduation. In my case I was able to get a chance to get acquainted with a person who will support me in my startup this year.”

Sevinj Huseynova and Nigar Asgarova, MADIA 2015 Students, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United Nations

"A month of internship was the most valuable experience we have ever had. It provided us with huge amount of information about UN system, its main bodies and agencies. We had the opportunity to participate in Second meeting of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (first meeting under ECOSOC auspices), the High-level Segment of ECOSOC and the Ministerial Segment of High-level Political Forum, as well as preparatory meetings for the session of Open Working Group on Sustainable Development and Second UN conference on Landlocked Developing States. The participation at these meetings and conferences was a solid platform to observe the negotiation process while discussing the most debated issues. Moreover, the research which we made for participation at closed meetings of Landlocked Developing States, Group 77, working groups on sustainable development helped to gain deep information on the scope and the mission of these bodies. In this regards our internship helped to improve the research, networking and negotiations skills and broaden our knowledge of diverse countries, their policies and cultures".