Student Profiles
At ADA University, we respect diversity and community. Our students come from different parts of the world. They bring into our classrooms and our community the diversity of their cultures, and unique educational and professional backgrounds.
"When I was about to complete my studies at school I was thinking to continue my education abroad. The main reason for that was my aim to learn English. Then I discovered ADA and thought that this is an amazing opportunity to study in English without leaving Azerbaijan. Now I see that the decision I made turned out to be the best one. ADA provides students with an outstanding knowledge. It enhances our outlook, pushes us for creativity and inspires us. I am sure that after graduation I will be able to get a really good job, because ADA opened a new road for me."
Leyla Ahmedova
BPA 2018

"I am international student from Russia. I pursue my bachelor degree at ADA in the School of Information Technologies. All I can say about ADA is that “dreams come true with ADA University”. Here you feel yourself as part of one big family. Lovely staff and faculty, modern facilities and the most important good quality education; these are what make ADA unique. Here you do not waste your valuable time in vain, and every day you get all the necessary portions of knowledge. I think in near future, ADA University will be ranked among the best universities of the world. "
Seymur Ayvazov
BITSE 2018
aygun.jpeg"My acquaintanceship with ADA was sudden. I was crossing the road, saw the building and fell in love with the architecture. I believed that such kind of building should have a positive and magical atmosphere, and I was right. Everyone whom I meet at ADA is creative. I saw dynamic social life here. We have a lot of opportunities to join to the student clubs, to participate in different project, seminars, etc. Moreover, ADA is a unique place for individual development. I have studied in Russian at school and now pursuing my bachelor in English. I believe this will positively affect my future career. "
Aygun Ahmedli 
 BSE 2018

"I choose ADA because it offers the best education in Azerbaijan and in the region. I believe that with the help of its vibrant learning atmosphere I would be able to become a respectable specialist in the field of business administration. ADA plays a guiding role in our lives by focusing on the specific interests of its students. ADA is a place of teamwork, creativity and inspiration."
Tahmin Salmanov
BBA 2019

"ADA University provides all the possibilities for the development of the students. It became an example of the great mix of quality education and active social life. I have found everything that I was dreaming of about my education at ADA. I believe that the efforts that I am making at ADA for being a successful student will be worth it."
Gular Ismayilova
 BAIS 2019

"Studying at multicultural university like ADA, which is outstanding in terms of education and support to each student, is highly aspirational. Beside gaining analytical and practical skills which are relevant for understanding challenges of public policy and its implementation, finishing master program in this strategically important region suggests many perspectives for my future career. "
Milica Starcevic
 MPP 2016

"In fact I planned to do my master degree outside Azerbaijan. However, a few years ago I had a chance to intern at ADA and this experience completely changed my mind. Friendly staff, high-level faculty, innovative campus, dynamic student life, and great environment said to me: “This is something new in Azerbaijan, you have to use this chance.” Currently I see great career perspectives for myself and highly appreciate the work Career Management Center does for our professional development."
Subhi Ismailzada
MADIA 2016

"After finishing the first year of my two-year master program at one of Baku universities, I decided to drop out and chose ADA, since it is unique in many senses. Here I found the environment I was always looking for, but could not find anywhere in the country: high-quality education, great social environment and professional faculty and staff. I enjoy studying here and believe that I am on my path to realization of my dreams."
Fidan Sideifzada
MPP 2016

"I believe that with the appropriate educational experience, such as the one offered by ADA University, I would enhance the skills essential for success in this challenging working environment.  Moreover the reason why I choose MBA program is because I strongly believe that qualified international faculty offered by ADA School of Business will help me further develop my management skills, while learning how to lead across functional boundaries to produce superior results for the organization as a whole. "
Andrej Pajovic
MBA 2015