University Senate

The governing body of the University is the University Senate. The University Senate is the primary venue for discussion of University-wide issues and enables communication between various constituencies at ADA University. The University Senate provides a forum for considering matters directly related to the well-being of ADA University. The University Senate has the authority to discuss and express its views on any matter of interest to the University and to make recommendations to the Rector, Vice Rectors and to the faculty. The Senate conducts its functions as a body and through committees and persons duly delegated to act on its behalf. 

The University Senate is comprised of permanent, appointed and elected members. Permanent members of the Senate include: 

  • Rector (Chair) 
  • Vice-Rectors
  • Deans
  • Director of Library
  • Director of Enrollment Management

The Rector may appoint two (2) members to the Senate. Each School elects two faculty members to sit on the University Senate. Elected members of the Senate serve for two years. The president and vice president of the Student Government are non-voting members, except in those matters concerning student affairs and student life. 

Deans Council 

Deans Council serves as an executive committee of the University Senate. Deans Council is the primary venue for discussion and recommendations related to the planning and management of all aspects of the university, including academic affairs, curricula, degree requirements, admission criteria and standards.  

Committee on Faculty Affairs

The Committee on Faculty Affairs (CFA) is a standing committee of the University Senate, whose duties and responsibilities include advice and input on faculty recruitment, appointment, retention, development and promotion; issues of faculty grievance; scholarship and research strategy; standards of scholarship and instruction, academic policies and regulations; student academic performance and retention; matters of academic integrity and honesty, and other significant matters pertaining to the academic mission of the University. The committee submits its recommendations related to these duties and responsibilities to the Deans Council for further consideration and actions. 

To read the ADA University governing body By-Laws please click here.