University Senate

The University Senate is the governing body performing oversight and policy making functions. 

The Senate has the authority to discuss and express its views on any matter of general University’s interest, and to make recommendations to the Rector, Vice-Rectors and to the faculty members. The Senate conducts its functions as a body and through committees and persons duly delegated to act for it.

To read the ADA University Senate By-Laws please click here.

University Interim Senate Members
  1. Rector Hafiz Pashayev – Chair
  2. Mr. Galib Mammad - Senior Vice Rector
  3. Mr. Fariz Ismayilzade – Vice Rector for Government, External and Student Affairs
  4. Dr. Elkin Nurmammadov - Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
  5. Mr. Turgut Mustafayev – Associate Vice Rector of Student Services
  6. Dr. Elnur Soltanov – Dean of School of Public and International Affairs
  7. Dr. Muhammadou Kah - Dean of School of IT and Engineering
  8. Dr. Vafa Kazdal – Dean of School of Education
  9. Mr. Elchin Rizayev - Registrar
  10. Ms. Shafag Mehraliyeva - Chief of Rector's Office (Secretary of the Senate)