Visa, Registration and Residency Permit


Travel to Azerbaijan requires an entry visa, unless there is an agreement on visa free travel with the country of citizenship. Citizens of countries, which have visa-free regime agreement and citizens who have issued visa, only need to go through passport control once they arrive at one of the international airports of Azerbaijan. 

ADA University urges its international students to apply for a visa at the closest Azerbaijani Embassy. Information about visa procedures for specific countries can be obtained from the respective embassies. 

If there is no Embassy in student’s home country, he or she will be able to receive a visa at visa division of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) operated in Heydar Aliyev International Airport. 

Students will most likely be issued a single entry visa with the validity period of 30 days, and be required to apply for a temporary residence permit once in Azerbaijan. The temporary residence Identity Card enables students to travel outside Azerbaijan and return without visa requirements through the period indicated on it.

Here are the required documents in order to obtain an entry visa:

  • Passport (must be valid for at least 1 year)
  • Official invitation letter from ADA University (2 copies)
  • Completed visa application form (Download PDF)
  • Two photos (3x4cm, against white background)
  • Visa fee
For additional information, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at:     


Within first three days of arriving in Azerbaijan all foreigners are required to register with the State Migration Services. 

In order to register, visitors should submit a completed registration form
(Download PDF), a copy of the biographic page of their passport, and a copy of their visa to the State Migration Service via email, mail, or in person.  

The e-mail address designated by the State Migration Service is:

For additional information, visit State Migration Service website at:

Temporary Residency Permit

Upon arrival in Azerbaijan, students will have the standard 30 days visa granted by the Embassy or visa divisions of the Consular Department of the MFA at airport. Then, after submission of the required registration form, our international students will be assisted in the process of receiving temporary resident status from the State Migration Service.

Below are the required documents in order to obtain a temporary residence permit:

  • Official invitation letter from ADA University
  • Passport – original and a copy (including the visa page)
  • Two photos (3x4cm, against red background)
  • Health Certificate received upon medical check up – original, not more than 3 months old and to be issued in Baku.
  • Completed application form (Download PDF)
  • Permit fee

For updates on requirements and for additional details, visit State Migration Service website at: