Welcome Note by Rector of ADA University, Amb. Hafiz Pashayev
Dear Friends,
Welcome to ADA University, a world-class institution dedicated to preparing innovative global leaders and to promoting useful collaborative research on diplomacy, public and international affairs, business, humanities and sciences, information technologies and system engineering.
Located in Baku, at the center of an increasingly significant part of the world, ADA University has gone through exciting and remarkable growth since its inception. We started as a training institute to meet the urgent needs of our expanding diplomatic service. Hence, our initial name: Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy. But fast we have grown into a full-fledge university with several schools offering both graduate and undergraduate degree programs.
As you tour our website and visit our campus, you will find that ADA University is a vibrant and diverse place. We are very proud that in September of 2012 we opened a new “green” and “smart” campus in Baku’s thriving downtown. Innovating at the cross section of academia, business, and public and international affairs, we move into the new campus with a significant program expansion. Along with School of Public and International Affairs and we have launched a School of Business, School of Humanities and Sciences and School of Engineering and Information Technologies. In just a short time, we have grown from a small office into a state-of-the-art campus while asserting ourselves on the world’s academic map by attracting renowned scholars, accomplished practitioners and talented students from around the world. 
At ADA University, we are motivated by a need to establish an outstanding education for our own citizens in Azerbaijan, but we know that our growing nation also has a responsibility to bring first-class international education and leadership training for others in the region and the world, while promoting intellectual inquiry on many topics.
Our academic programs, which are attracting the best and the brightest minds, are already making ADA University a clear intellectual epicenter in the region. For example, our first-ever in the country Leadership Development program is well sought out across Azerbaijan’s civil service and the Baku Summer Energy School has become an international success with faculty and participants from about 40 countries across the globe. Most importantly, our focus on the individual strengths and professional goals of our students, and our vision for a collaborative dialogue among scholars and practitioners, is helping to cultivate a new, close-knit group of world-class leaders.
In addition to academic programs, we take our responsibilities to Azerbaijani society seriously. We are building the first substantial foreign language library in Azerbaijan. We have combined research and teaching while seeking fresh insights into the challenges Azerbaijan faces as an increasingly important player on the international scene.
This is an exciting time to be at ADA University whether you are a student, a graduate, or a parent. We hope you will have a chance to visit the campus to learn more about ADA University and how it can help you develop the leadership skills you need to make a difference.
Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev