Outcome images

Student Outcome Images

Students of ADA University are educated through a rigorous curriculum that is based on the thorough study of their major, elective courses and Functional Enablers, as well as on a comprehensive program of General Education. They are provided with experiential and practical learning opportunities, which form an integral part of their education. The overriding objective of this academic program is to train high-impact graduates who will embody essential outcome images.

After having developed key professional and civic competencies, the graduates of ADA University will embody the following 4 outcome images:





By facilitating the achievement of these outcome images in its students, ADA University aspires to educate high-impact graduates, rather than passive citizens and employees. High-impact graduates are citizens who feel responsible for their country and who contribute to its well-being and prosperity. What is more, they are professionals who are able and willing to apply their knowledge and skills creatively and in a responsible manner in order to solve problems and develop new and creative ideas. The academic programs at ADA University are designed to allow for a student-centered and project-based teaching and learning process that fosters the professional and civic competencies required for a student to become a high-impact graduate.

The objective of training high-impact graduates obliges ADA University:

1. to admit the most qualified and promising students who have the potential to excel in rigorous academic curricula.

2. to develop these students into the country’s key workforce that possesses essential qualities such as analytical thinking, creative problem solving or responsible decision making.

3. to present these students to all sectors of the job market (industry, government and administration, educational and research institutions) where they can apply their competencies effectively.