School of Education
Jeyhun Rzayev

Jeyhun Rzayev

Assistant Professor


  • Email : jrzayev[at]
  • Phone : 174
  • Office : E319

Courses Civilizations and Cultures
  • PhD, ANAS 
  • MS, Baku State University 
  • BS, Baku State University
Joined ADA September, 2013
Publications - Author of the 2 guidelines and 25 scientific articles (1 in Columbus, 1 in Riga, 4 in Moscow, and 14 in Baku, 3 in Warsaw), co-author of the 4 books. 

- Co-author of the article: 
Role of Azerbaijan in Maintaining Energy Security of Europe”. 'Studia Wschodnioeuropejskie' journal of Warsaw University, 2023. 

- Co-author of the article: Historical,Cultural and Archeological Review of Karabakh Region of Azerbaijan.'Studia Wschodnioeuropejskie'journal of Warsaw University, 2021.

- “Contribution of universities to the socio-cultural progress of the Azerbaijan”.  Studia Wschodnioeuropejskie scientific journal, Warsaw, Poland, 2020, № 12, page 35.

- Editor of the book: “Ancient History of Azerbaijan”, Baku, 2016/18 (student’s book for secondary school)

- Co-author of the book: “Medieval History of Azerbaijan”, Baku, 2016/18 (student’s book for secondary school)

- Co-author of the book: “The history of Azerbaijan Cultural Association “SIMURG” 1990-2015”, Baku, 2015

- "Science, education and culture, consequences of state care" Social and political value of cultural diversity. II International cultural scientific-practical conference. Baku - "Science"; 2010, in Azeri.

- "A Cultural glance on the formation and current status of the higher educational system of Azerbaijan." The world of education-education in the world”, scientific-methodical journal, Moscow, 2010, № 3 (39) in Russian.

- "Geography" newspaper for teachers. Article: "Many of the facts are false", the publishing house first of September. Moscow, 2005, № 2 (777), (Comment to newspaper reporter article about Nagorno-Karabakh, where most of the facts have been distorted) in Russian. 

- Compiled workbook and one of the authors of the textbook "Bakuvedenie" for 4th grade students (Baku-Oxford School). Book describes the history, architecture and cultural life of Baku from the ancient times to the present day. Baku; 2005 (in English)

- One of the authors of "debate guideline" for teachers and high school students. Author of the 10th chapter. "Cross-cutting questions."  Baku; 2002 (in Azeri and Russian languages).

- Report on "The education system and its importance in the cultural life of Azerbaijan." Columbus, OHIO, United States, 2002 ("Civic Education" conference) in English.