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Jeyhun Rzayev

Jeyhun Rzayev

Assistant Professor

Civilizations and Cultures

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  • Office : B212

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Students should know that they don’t have to be great to start, they must start to be great.

Courses Civilizations and Cultures
  • PhD  ANAS 
  •  MS   Baku State University 
  •  BS    Baku State University
Joined ADA September, 2013
  • Compiled workbook and one of the authors of the textbook "Bakuvedenie" for 4th grade students (Baku-Oxford School). Book describes the history, architecture and cultural life of Baku from the ancient times to the present day. Baku; 2005 (in English)
  • One of the authors of "debate guideline" for teachers and high school students. Author of the 10th chapter. "Cross-cutting questions."  Baku; 2002 (in Azeri and Russian languages).
  • Report on "The education system and its importance in the cultural life of Azerbaijan." Columbus, OHIO, United States, 2002 ("Civic Education" conference) in English.
  • "Geography" newspaper for teachers. Article: "Many of the facts are false", the publishing house first of September. Moscow, 2005, № 2 (777), (Comment to newspaper reporter article about Nagorno-Karabakh, where most of the facts have been distorted) in Russian.
  • "A Cultural glance on the formation and current status of the higher educational system of Azerbaijan." The world of education-education in the world”, scientific-methodical journal, Moscow, 2010, № 3 (39) in Russian.
  • "Science, education and culture, consequences of state care" Social and political value of cultural diversity. II International cultural scientific-practical conference. Baku - "Science"; 2010, in Azeri.
  • Co-author of the book: “The history of Azerbaijan Cultural Association “SIMURG” 1990-2015”, Baku, 2015
  • Co-author of the book: “Medieval History of Azerbaijan”, Baku, 2016/18 (student’s book for secondary school)
  • Editor of the book: “Ancient History of Azerbaijan”, Baku, 2016/18 (student’s book for secondary school)