ADA University

ADA University

ADA University was established under the decree dated January 13th, 2014, by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The University is a state higher education institution engaging in the delivery of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in addition to the advancement of research.

The University is the legal heir of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) and the Information Technologies University. They were merged in January 2014 to establish ADA University.

Founded on March 6, 2006, the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy began offering Advanced Foreign Service Program to diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil servants in the government, as of January 2007. The Academy launched its first master degree in September 2009, followed by bachelor degrees in September 2011.

Core Values

  • Academic excellence
  • Accountability and shared governance
  • Honor, integrity and transparency
  • Diversity, collaboration and communication
  • Social responsibility


  • School of Public and International Affairs
  • School of Business
  • School of Education
  • School of IT and Engineering


  • 2500 students
  • 90% undergraduate
  • 10% graduate
  • 56% men
  • 44% women


500 alumni in 30 countries

2100 alumni of ADA Executive Education


Our mission is to cultivate highly intellectual solution providers who are closely collaborating, effectively communicating members of global community with ethics and sense of citizenship.


We continually strive to be a world-class university in Azerbaijan with an excellence of “müəllim and alim” in an innovative learning culture.


With students, faculty, and staff from 46 countries around the world, diversity becomes one of our core values. International representation creates stimulating environment as learning happens everywhere.

Statement of Common Purpose

ADA University is a vision of future brought to life. Ours is a community of academic excellence, accountability, shared governance, honor, integrity, transparency, diversity, collaboration, communication and social responsibility that empowers individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of new ideas. Rallying around the ADA Flag, we uphold its symbols.

Blue in ADA Flag stands for loyalty and communication. Our loyalty to core values has been rock solid. We communicate well our story and transmit our values among ourselves through years. White means purity of honor, integrity and transparency. We pledge to honor and live by honor. White also stands for the purity of mind, clean of prejudices, in search of knowledge and enlightenment. Red symbolizes vibrancy, change and innovation. ADA is a thriving location. In this volcano of ideas and initiatives, we encourage minds to explode. We challenge static thoughts. We conquer the heights through continuous learning and restless innovation of selves.

University Colors

Caspain Blue


The most substantial foreign language collection in Azerbaijan, ADA's is both digital and physical library with the total capacity of 120,000 volumes. It houses classrooms for teaching, group study rooms for collaboration, study carrels for individual work, lounges and a coffee shop to foster learning through living and experiencing.


Baku and ADA University are both a living laboratory at the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, where East meets West. Conveniently located in central quarters of Baku, ADA University was conceptualized as “From Exchange of Goods to Exchange of Ideas”. In this thriving, cosmopolitan city and university, students feel they are part of a groundbreaking, transformational change in Azerbaijan as the ADA University quickly becomes a new element in the national identity and on the international map. ADA thrives in concert with the capital city of Azerbaijan.


The anthem of ADA University is a reflection of the University’s core values. It symbolizes identity of ADA community - students, faculty and staff alike. The lyrics of the anthem were penned down by Elnur Imanbayli, BAIS Class of 2016, the music was composed by the renowned Azerbaijani composer Firangiz Alizadeh. The anthem was first presented on May 2, 2013, at the ceremony marking annual “Citizenship and Social Responsibility Day”.


Lyrics in Az

Biz elmi, təhsili uca tutmuşuq,
Yorulmaq sözünü tam unutmuşuq.
Gör neçə ölkəyə körpü qurmuşuq?!
Tükənməz gəncliyin əzmkarlığı.

Qoy eşitsin bəşər, qoy bilsin cahan,
ADA-nın şöhrəti daima yaşa
Məkan o məkandı, zaman o zaman.
Dünyaya günəştək doğ, Azərbaycan!
Yayıl ayın, günün şəfəqləri ilə,
ADA-nın işıqlı səhərləri ilə.

Həyata eşqimiz axar çay kimi,
Əməyə sevgimiz bir bulaq kimi,
Həmrəyik, güclüyük biz də dağ kimi.
Seçmişik hünəri, qəhrəmanlığı.

Lyrics in En

Enlightenment has taken the leading role
In our lives and minds, thus, we stand tall
Building bridges we connect to the world.
Perseverance is our story to be told
With passion to learn at ADA!

Let the universe hear when we say
Azerbaijan’s voice is heard far away
The time has come for us today
To pursue our dreams in an honest way
Through passion for learning at ADA!

At the crossroads of East and West,
United we stand, strong we emerge
Breaking barriers on the way to the best,
Out pours love of life, we surge.
Toward passion for learning at ADA!

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