Upcoming lectures of Edu Dialogues

Upcoming lectures of Edu Dialogues

Place and role of the "World Art Culture" subject in curricula of secondary schools and higher education institutions in Azerbaijan
Dr. Afet Muradova
Doctor of Arts, Instructor, ADA University
The Lecturer will discuss the significance given to the subject of History of World Culture in secondary schools, the quality of teaching and learning of the subject, and how important it is to have this subject in secondary and higher education.

Teacher well-being at schools in Azerbaijan
Aminat Diganayeva
PhD candidate, Eotvos Lorand University

The lecture will cover teacher well-being in Azerbaijan. It is about the factors stressing teachers as well as the ones contributing to higher well-being of teachers. Additionally, it will provide information on how teacher stress and burnout affect their performance, how the they deal with consequences of emotional exhaustion and how they can be supported.

The Lectures will be provided in Azerbaijani language.
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