Education Model

Education model

At ADA University, we place growth and transformation of our students at the very center of our education model. We attract the best talent and offer them an opportunity for self-reflection and exploration of their professional passions.  Our graduates become professionals of knowledge, skills and ethics for enduring success.

Education journey for our students starts with undergraduate level. Our General Education offers breadth of knowledge, enhanced with the fluency in languages, as well as communication and leadership skills.

Major courses offer depth of knowledge in a chosen area of study. Students with a diverse career focus may also benefit from second career track options that allow specializing in two areas.

Students wishing to continue their education journey and get more in-depth knowledge in their interest areas, may also benefit from research, professional or diploma tracks offered at graduate level.

We believe our education model delivers graduates with perspective and ethics who are ready to leave imprint in professional life and in society.