"Character is like a tree...

...and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing,” once said Abraham Lincoln.

At ADA, we matter, because we learn, create and transform. We have asked one man to cut a tree. We have asked another man to plant five. In the woods of homogeneity, we have aspired to create tolerance and diversity of trees. We have never hesitated to help turn one building into four, as long as they will make our country stand tall. We have asked weak ones to step aside and helped strong ones to step in. We have reached out and found inspiration in those who have managed to relate to our passion and creativity. All this for the sake of one belief: a public cause, which is bigger than life. In the fast pace of life, less we have noticed at the lest that we have also grown our own tree, which has forever been a real thing throughout.

Hope is not a strategy. Live your life to its fullest. Don’t just pass through it. And live a meaningful and impactful life. Dream, but make your dreams pragmatic, then, turn your dreams into other people’s passion. And no matter what, don’t ever stop learning. Learn, create and transform. Become a real thing, not just a reputation. 

Graduate Application Process

Congratulations on deciding to apply to a graduate program at ADA University. 

Whether you would like to start a new career or advance in your existing one, ADA University may be the right destination for you. With full-time and part-time graduate programs, ADA University offers flexibility to professionals with a committed schedule and determination to succeed. Except for some programs, a previous degree in the chosen field is not required.

Candidates who have Permanent Living Permit in Azerbaijan must follow the same application process as citizens of Azerbaijan. Candidates who have double citizenship of which one is Azerbaijani citizenship, must follow the same application process as citizens of Azerbaijan.

To apply, you must submit an ADA University Online Application Form and complete ADA University application process. International students are required to submit online application for Study in Azerbaijan: Centralized Admission Service once they receive their initial admission offer from ADA University.

As part of your online application, you will be required to submit the following documents.
  • Bachelor’s diploma translated into English and notary-certified
    • Those who are in their last year of undergraduate program, must submit a document with expected graduation date
    • Last year undergraduate students may apply only if they are expected to graduate by the end of July
  • Bachelor’s diploma supplement or official transcripts translated into English and notary-certified
  • CV/Resume listing your educational and employment experiences
  • Recent photo
  • National Identification Card for citizens of Azerbaijan and Passport for international applicants
  • Statement of Purpose. Must not exceed 400 words.
  • Test Scores:
    • English Proficiency Test (see below for details)
    • SEC Test (required for citizens of Azerbaijan and holders of Permanent Living Permit in Azerbaijan, see below for details)

Once you have completed your online application and uploaded all documents, submit your application by paying a non-refundable application fee of 40 AZN.

Test Policy

Your record of undergraduate studies and results of standardized tests may be a predictor of your academic success in our graduate programs.

SEC Test

We require the results of the SEC (State Examination Center) master admission test. This test is required for citizens of Azerbaijan and international applicants who have Permanent Living Permit in Azerbaijan.

  • This test requires a separate registration at SEC website. Check their webpage regularly for their dates and deadlines.
  • A minimum score of 45 is required for eligibility
  • Prospective students may submit their application before taking this test, but the scores must be sent before the application deadline.
  • Official scores will be sent to ADA University directly by SEC

English Proficiency

All prospective graduate students are required to submit one of the test scores below (dual-degree programs may have different requirements, please check program specific pages): 


  • Minimum 6.5 on IELTS Academic or
  • 83 on IBT (including online TOEFL) or
  • 58 on PTE Academic or
  • 65 on ADA University English Proficiency Exam or
  • 105 in Duolingo English Test (can be taken online)


Official test scores must be sent directly to ADA University. Our TOEFL Code is 2093. Prospective students may submit their application before taking English proficiency test, but the scores must be sent before the late application deadline of June 15.


Prospective students who meet one of the criteria below may apply for English Proficiency test waiver by contacting Office of Admissions (dual-degree programs may have different requirements, please check program specific pages):

  • Native language is English
  • Studied at a degree level in English in an English-speaking country
  • Has a degree from ADA University
  • Has extensive work experience in English-speaking environment
  • Completed Low Advance level of ADA University’s EAPP Program


You can apply for conditional admission with minimum 6.0 in IELTS Academic or the equivalent in other related exams. Those receiving conditional admission may enroll in our English for Academic Purposes Program (EAPP) offered during Spring or Summer.


ADA University has an admission policy based on a holistic review. While a student's academic success is important, equally important is that student's potential for growth, career focus, analytical thinking and complex problem solving skills.


Shortlisted students are invited for an interview from April till July. Admission Committee reviews their prior academic records, potential for growth, career focus and ability to succeed in ADA University. Prospective students receive their admission offer in May or July.


Have more questions? Contact us by phone or e-mail.


Tel: (+994 12) 437 32 35
School of Public and International Affairs & School of Education: (+994 51) 207 10 10
School of Business: (+994 51) 207 10 01
School of IT and Engineering: (+994 50) 256 99 06


ADA University students who were dismissed due to the academic performance may apply for readmission after separating from the University for at least one semester/term. Students have one chance of readmission during their tenure at ADA University. More details of readmission rules and regulations can be found at Academic Catalogue 2020-2021.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Students who had voluntary separation in the first semester of their studies
  • Students who were dismissed with GPA of 2.00 and above
  • Students may apply for readmission by completing the form and submitting it to before the deadline.

Deadline for Spring term readmission: January 15

Deadline for Summer term readmission: April 30

Deadline for Fall term readmission: July 10

Key Dates

Incoming graduate students must be aware of key deadlines for their successful application to ADA University. 

For citizens of Azerbaijan:

  • First-round application deadline and deadline for Graduate Assistantship: April 1
  • Second-round application deadline: June 1

For international applicants:

  • First-round application and fellowship deadline: April 1
  • Second-round application deadline: July 1