ADA University received its first financial donation by its own alumnus

ADA University received its first financial donation by its own alumnus

ADA students hold the university’s values as their life mantra even after their graduation. Since the University provided a world-class education that has transformed generations into the next level beyond their expectation, today we have seen the boon of this academic excellence as a financial donation provided by 2017 alumnus.

Ali Abdullayev, Bachelor degree alumnus of ADA School of Business, has recently contributed financial endowment to ADA University Alumni Association aimed at making his impact on maintaining the quality education.

His generosity and philanthropist behaviors to his alma mater is more than classic university-student enduring relationship and signify multiple senses for us. His donation assures that ADA created strong lifelong ties and fortified consistent interaction during years with its alumni.
“ADA University played an important role both in my personal life and professional career. Since ADA provided us with internationally recognized academic experience, I did not face any academic challenge while studying abroad,’’ says Ali.
“I am a frequent visitor of ADA University, as I still have a close relationship with my professors who definitely contributed to building my professional identity with their unparalleled academic advise. Also, I follow diverse activities of the Student Services and Alumni Affairs department of the ADA,“ added Ali.
The exemplary attitude of Ali Abdullayev could be accepted as one of the first bricks to the creation of the educational endowment concept and also could be recognized as the first resonance of the upcoming donation wave among local universities in Azerbaijan.

Note that this year, ADA University established its Alumni Association and announced it with a glittering Alumni Forum held under the motto “Industry 4.0: Going Digital” on July 5.

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