ADA University hosted the intellectual competition

ADA University hosted the intellectual competition

Today ADA University students came together to participate in a very special intellectual competition  Big Cabanga Games to test their knowledge of insurance.

Organized by 'Ateshgah' Insurance company, the Big Cabanga Games were specifically designed on Questions & Answers format. This intellectual competition was a great opportunity for students to raise their level of awareness of insurance.

Besides answering insurance-related questions, the team members paid a commendable effort while responding to quizzes on economics, geography, and Information Technology.

As a result of intensive competition, the first place winners were awarded a two-week internship at 'Ateshgah' Insurance company and a meeting opportunity with Chairman of the Board, Mr. Azer Aliyev.

The second and third place winners were crowned with the opportunity to join a tour to 'Atesgah' Insurance.

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