ADA University held online congratulatory celebration for the Class of 2020

ADA University held online congratulatory celebration for the Class of 2020

On June 30th, ADA University held an online congratulatory celebration, honoring the Class of 2020 of ADA University and ADA School.

This year, 465 ADA University students and the very first cohort of 36 ADA School students have graduated.

Among graduates, in addition to Azerbaijan, we have representatives of 11 foreign countries, including Maldives, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Vietnam, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Yemen, Islamic Republic of Iran.

The online event featured live calls to 4 participants who joined SMM campaign of “My best memory of ADA” and shared their photos with ADAClass2020 hashtag.

The online celebration was followed by the video messages of deans, international professors, students, and staff members.

Rector of ADA University, Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev: “Always adhere to the principles, that we always wanted you to stand for.”
Rector Pashayev extended his sincere congratulations and best wishes to graduates in his video message by indicating his hope to see ADA University campus full of students again.
Rector recommended the graduates to keep the name of ADA University high, to think about their motherland, their country, and always keep the flag of ADA University high, no matter where they are. He took a moment for congratulating faculty members who demonstrated the highest level of dedication to providing a high quality of education. Rector Pashayev expressed his gratitude to parents who supported their children in reaching this milestone.

Dr. Vafa Kazdal, Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs delivered an online congratulatory speech by mentioning that our graduates make us feel proud. Congratulating the graduates of the ADA School, Dr. Kazdal noted the challenges that ADA School students overcame throughout their studying.
She emphasized that despite their transition to a new educational environment and online education, ADA School students have successfully completed their mission.

ADA University live-streamed the event on its Facebook and YouTube pages.

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