ADA University’s Public Administration student was awarded by Gender Equality Prize 2020

ADA University’s Public Administration student was awarded by Gender Equality Prize 2020

Gender Hub Azerbaijan, a project initiative advocating for women rights in Azerbaijan and co-founded by Maryam Majidova, was awarded by Gender Equality Prize 2020 by the Embassy of France to Azerbaijan. As winner of the prize, Maryam Majidova has been provided with an opportunity to take a short-term course (1 month) on Gender Science at the University of Political Science in Paris, France in 2021.

Gender Hub Azerbaijan, a gender-centered community-based joint-initiative established on the 2nd of July, 2020 after public discussions conducted with 300 Azerbaijani feminists, gender and human rights activists including individuals representing different initiatives fighting against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and advocating for women rights in Azerbaijan. This platform is the direct outcome of public discussions organized in May-June by Maryam Majidova and other co-founders of Gender Hub Azerbaijan. The main aim of the platform is to unite different initiative groups and civil society organisations in order to join forces with them and fight violence against women in Azerbaijan by organising advocacy campaigns, raising awareness on GBV educational activities both online and offline.

Maryam Majidova has operated as an international public speaker, trainer, facilitator, and moderator in the topics of Sustainable Development and Gender Equality in more than 40 countries and organizations since 2011. (WoWoman, Erasmus+ programme, UNFPA Azerbaijan). Maryam is an alumna of Council of Europe’s Training Course on Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (LTTC). In the 25 years’ experience with National Youth Council of Azerbaijan (NAYORA), she has been elected as the first chair (woman) of the biggest youth organisation in Azerbaijan.

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