Academic Articles of ADA faculty

Academic Articles of ADA faculty

This collection of links includes articles, books, research papers, and edited volumes authored by ADA University faculty.
The links below take you to the original pages of published articles.

- Umut Ozkaleli, Serap Kanay. Embracing Afro hair, resisting colourism: Black women’s experiences in North CyprusEthnic and Racial Studies.

- Yagub N. Aliyev. Minimality Properties of Sturm-Liouville Problems with Increasing Affine Boundary Conditions.Operator Theory, Functional Analysis and Applications.

- Valiyev Anar, Babayev Abbas. Azerbaijani youth in transition: Is the state youth policy effective enough?. Journal of Eurasian Studies.

Tamilla Mammadova. Cultural Diversity in Cross-Cultural Settings: A Global Approach.Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

 Ozkaleli, Umut. 2021. “Agency in multiple temporalities: Being Syrian women, becoming widows and refugees, remaining pious”. Women’s Studies International Forum,Volume 89.(SSCI)


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