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New Publications

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Liberated Karabakh: Policy Perspectives by the ADA Community

ADA University is proud to announce the publication of an academic book entitled Liberated Karabakh: Policy Perspectives by the ADA Community. Edited by Executive Vice-Rector Dr. Fariz Ismailzade and Director of Publications and Policy Research Prof. Damjan Krnjević Mišković, it features scholarly articles by ADA faculty members as well as others affiliated with the university.

In his Foreword to the book, Rector Hafiz Pashayev writes that “no matter what part of the world in which we live, all Azerbaijanis call Karabakh home. All of us are keen to do our part to redevelop the liberated territories and turn the war-torn area into one of the most prosperous and sustainable regions in the world. Our country’s vision for Karabakh is truly inspiring and the ADA University community is also very much eager to contribute to the process of renewal and reconstruction.”

This book, he says, is part of the university’s effort. Rector Pashayev concludes by expressing his sincere hope that Liberated Karabakh: Policy Perspectives by the ADA Community will find a place on the shelves of Karabakh’s restored libraries as well as many others throughout Azerbaijan and abroad.

For inquiries about receiving a hard copy of the book, please contact Ms. Shabnam Maharramova via email:

The links below take you to the PDF-s of the book’s individual chapters.

Liberated Karabakh

Policy Perspectives by the ADA Community


Hafiz Pashayev

Damjan Krnjević Mišković and Fariz Ismailzade

Why the War Happened, and Why the Armenian Attempt at Secession Failed
Azer Babayev

International Law and the Karabakh Question
Javid Gadirov

Historical and Legal Aspects of the Karabakh Conflict
Rovshan Ibrahimov and Murad Muradov

Three Decades of Missed Opportunities
Lala Jumayeva

Can the Two Nations Reconcile?
Kavus Abushov

Strategic Implications of the Liberation of Karabakh           
Fariz Ismailzade

Adapting To A New Political Reality
Gulshan Pashayeva

End of the War, But No Peace
Anar Valiyev and Elnaz Valiyeva

Regional Energy Connectivity in the Wake of the Second Karabakh War
Akhmed Gumbatov

The Paramount Significance of Shusha
Farid Shafiyev

Our “Great Return” to Aghdam, the Hiroshima of the South Caucasus
Emin Huseynov

Statecraft, European Belonging, and the Second Karabakh War
Damjan Krnjević Mišković

ADA University faculty publishes new articles, papers, and reports

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This collection of links includes articles, books, research papers, and edited volumes authored by ADA University faculty.

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- Sarvar Gurbanov. Role of Natural Gas Consumption in the Reduction of CO2 Emissions: Case of Azerbaijan.Feature Papers in Energy, Environment and Well-Being.

- Umut Ozkaleli, Serap Kanay. Embracing Afro hair, resisting colourism: Black women’s experiences in North CyprusEthnic and Racial Studies.

- Yagub N. Aliyev. Minimality Properties of Sturm-Liouville Problems with Increasing Affine Boundary Conditions.Operator Theory, Functional Analysis and Applications.

- Valiyev Anar, Babayev Abbas. Azerbaijani youth in transition: Is the state youth policy effective enough?. Journal of Eurasian Studies.

Tamilla Mammadova. Cultural Diversity in Cross-Cultural Settings: A Global Approach.Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

- Umut Ozkaleli. Agency in multiple temporalities: Being Syrian women, becoming widows and refugees, remaining pious. Women’s Studies International Forum,Volume 89.(SSCI)

Jeyhun Rzayev, Gulana Aliyeva. Historical, Cultural and Archeological Review of Karabakh Region of Azerbaijan.'Studia Wschodnioeuropejskie'journal of Warsaw University.

Farkhad Aliyev. Political dimension of the second Karabakh war. 'Studia Wschodnioeuropejskie'journal of Warsaw University.


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