International Students received Alimardan Bay Topchubashov fellowship

International Students received Alimardan Bay Topchubashov fellowship

The Alimardan Bay Topchubashov Award Ceremony, attended by 26 fellowship recipients representing 14 countries was held on December 6, 2021.

The awardees coming from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Ghana, Mozambique, Sudan, Georgia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Nigeria, Latvia, Belarus, South Africa received certificates due to their outstanding academic performance.

The ceremony started with the congratulatory speech delivered by Executive Vice-rector Dr. Fariz Ismailzade dedicated to Topchubashov’s active political and social life of Azerbaijan as well as his contributions to our history.

Dr. Vafa Kazdal, Vice-rector of Academic Affairs, spoke about Topchubashov's great personality in her speech, emphasizing how he boldly represented his country at the Paris Peace Conference.

Later, our full time incoming international student – Albert Mensah who was also the recipient of Topchubashov Scholarship and the president of the ADA Topchubashov Fellowship Club made a presentation by introducing the logo of the Club which has been founded on four values, including “academic excellence & scholarship”, “exemplary citizenship”, “unity in diversity” and “servant leadership”.

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